Our offer to you is an Automated Solution that is 100% tailored to your individual needs.

This is why INNOVATION is deeply ingrained in our DNA and keeps us setting higher and more ambitious standars for every new project.

R&D Projects

  • Cooperation with Universities and Technical Institutions
  • Innovation Center with focus on Vision Control and Robotics
  • Academy for continuous improvement of our team: Challenge – Develop – Promote

On going projects:

Logistics AR

Current advances in technology allow for a new paradigm concerning logistics retail procedures. The appearance of head-mounted displays wearables, such as smart-glasses, allow for a much higher access to information where and when it is needed, in ubiquitous way. Logistics AR is a solution that augments the worker field of view, with information concerning the actual task, for example: the process of picking, that nowadays implies the use of a hand held bar code reader, can now be done just by looking into the bar code. Automatically information related to that product is shown in an augmented reality way. This solution provides for a much higher integration, response time and overall productivity.

AR Remote Assistance

AR Remote Assistance is an innovative solution for industrial assistance. Based on the concept of telepresence, a virtual collaborative environment is created between a worker ( person close to a machine in need for repair) and the helper ( the expert that is at a far away location). This solution intends to “bring” the helper to the worker position. For that, the worker uses a special hardware( smart glasses/head-mounted display), that are able to transmit to the helper what the worker is seeing, and at the same time, project in front of the worker and in coherence with the machine, relevant information sent by the helper in an augmented reality way, all this while they talk like in a videoconference. It is very important to notice that the worker as it’s hands free, and the helper as all the information related to the machine digitally at hand, and can accompany and guide the worker in the repair process. This will represent a tremendous leap in remote assistance, improving the assistance and decreasing costs and repair time.