Founded in 1988, we have been providing solutions for tooling, machinery and equipment for our customers. Over the years we’ve complemented our know how with new and more specialized competencies which lead us to sustainable growth and recognition in the industry.

Today we are your ideal partner for automated turnkey solutions from concept to completion. Our mission is to provide cost-effective all-round solutions that give our customers a competitive advantage through increased productivity, lower cost, greater flexibility and better quality. We use proven, state-of-the art technology to design, develop and build quality solutions that meet our customers’ specifications and invest in specialized training for our co-workers.

We work closely with our customers from concept to installation and beyond. This allows us to better know their current needs and provide the necessary flexibility for future expansion plans.

Our solutions also allow our customers to maximize their investments by using our competencies when retool of product lines is required, refit of out phased assembly lines or even the modernization of outdated automation systems without having to discard and repurchase capital equipment.